The Blend of Science and Art

None of our pieces are ever the same. Why? Because it’s the unique imperfections in people that create intricate kaleidoscopes of shape and color. Even in the medical community, words like “wart” or “tumor” are ugly and scary – but a single microscope can turn fear into fascination. Each pattern and picture tells a unique story: a snapshot of human life. We believe every human body – every imperfection – is beautiful, especially at the cellular level.

Preservation of the Human Condition

It is only the uniqueness of each individual that allows us to do what we do. There is nothing else in the world that duplicates the beauty of the natural abnormalities we see every day. Sadly, these abnormalities will sometimes take the life of a patient or a loved one, and we cannot stand to lose anyone before their time. But we do have hope for the future, and we support organizations and institutions that fight for the wellbeing of humanity.

Our Cause

Conceived by a Pathologist

We love to see art come out of the scientific and medical community (a community that has long depended on traditional artists to canvas the walls of our waiting rooms and hospitals with their point of view). But health care providers are constantly exposed to and invested in the magnificent nuances of the human body – we see amazing things every day, and we think it’s time to let the world see them too.

Our Story