Finding Beauty in Imperfection

Every piece we create is one of a kind, much like the cells we photograph. Each pattern and picture tells a unique story: a snapshot of human life. When a moment passes, there’s no getting it back.

Like moments, once a limited-edition print series sells out it will not be reproduced. Vis le jour présent.

We invite you to check back often.

Each run is limited, and select pieces are available in both blue and pink. Browse each collection to learn more, or sign up to be notified about new collection releases.

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Custom Prints

In addition to our limited-edition runs, we want to support you and your loved ones in our own artistic way. If you’re celebrating or memorializing a loved one’s health journey, let us create a custom print from their own medical slides.

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Interior Decorating

We love to see art come out of the scientific and medical community. Think about it: if we’re the ones exposed to the unique beauty of the human condition on a daily basis, shouldn’t our point of view be on the walls of our medical centers and offices?

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